Baby Girl Gets ‘Emo’ From Baby Girl

The Emo Girl from MTV’s Teen Mom OG is taking her love for baby girl to a whole new level with her own video.

In a hilarious video posted on her Instagram page, Emo Girls Emo EmoGirl shows off her signature smile and sings about her baby girl.

The teen mom says she met her baby in her early 20s and they got engaged in 2015.

She shared the video to Instagram to celebrate her son’s birth.

The Emo girl is also known for sharing her adorable videos with fans on social media.

The video also features Emo girls Emo Kid Emo Baby Emo and Emo Boy Emo.

This is the third Emo video she has posted recently.

In January, she posted a video of her daughter being born.

The teenager also recently posted a baby picture on Instagram with a caption reading, “Baby girl.

It was fun.”