‘Curious’ girls using curly girl methods

Curious girls using the curly girl methodology to cum in the privacy of their own bedrooms have become increasingly popular with the growing trend of men and women enjoying the act of having sex in public.

The ‘curious girls’ method, which involves using a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris, is becoming increasingly popular among young people in the United States and Australia, who use the technique for an almost exclusively female audience.

“I know a lot of girls who are using this, because it is a very sexy way to have sex,” a 21-year-old girl from the US state of Oregon told the Associated Press.

She said she was attracted to the idea of her boyfriend using the method because of the potential for an orgasm after having sex with her, which she believed could be achieved with an vibrator.

Curious girls also have the ability to ‘turn their toys on’ to increase the intensity of the sex act, according to the Associated Reuters news agency.

However, the ‘candy girls’ methods have attracted criticism from many people who say the methods are degrading and harmful.

According to a report from the BBC, a survey found that about a quarter of the adult population is aware of the phenomenon, and the popularity of the style of sex has grown since its first popularity in the UK in the 1970s.

The BBC said that while the curly girls method was considered a “vibrator fetish”, the vibrator was “the only thing that really gets you off”.

“I don’t know how you could be having a vibrating orgasm without using one,” a 27-year old woman told the BBC.

“It’s just so degrading.”

The British Association of Gay and Lesbian Health (BALH) also criticised the style, saying it “displays a lack of respect for women’s bodies”.

“It is a little bit weird, and it’s a little gross,” a 20-year time traveller from the UK said.

“But at the end of the day, you’re going to have to use something.”

According to the BBC’s survey, only 16 per cent of the women surveyed were aware of curly girl sex.

While some people said they felt uncomfortable when using the vibrators, the researchers said there were also “many women” who were “completely comfortable” with using them.

“They’re comfortable doing it, they’re comfortable with having sex,” Dr Michael Osterholm, one of the researchers from the University of Bristol, told the news agency, adding that he believed “there’s a real interest in having sex”.

The BBC reported that some people who did not want to be identified told the publication that it was “a bit embarrassing to be seen having sex” in public without the vibrating device.

There are also “very, very few people in our community who have been able to do it,” Dr Osterheim added.

“I would not be surprised if some people don’t want to do this.”

According a study by the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine, which surveyed 2,000 women in Australia, there were more than 80 per cent who would prefer to have their partner cum in their bedroom, not the other way around.

The survey found more than half of women who were surveyed would use vibrators if it meant they could have sex in a private place.

“Women who use a vibratory vibrator for sex will experience increased pleasure and arousal, and will find it easier to climax when they are fully aroused,” the authors wrote.

“In the same way that vibrators increase arousal when the person is cumming, a vibrated penis also increases arousal when a woman is cuming.”

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