French Girl Names Girl Who Called Herself a French Girl

Fierce French girl names her self as a French girl by choosing a name inspired by the French girl, who came to be known as the “French girl.”

The girl’s name, who is being called by her real name, is Lea, the name she was given by her father after he married her mother in 2013.

“I just want to be a French princess,” she said.

“My name is Leaa.

It’s a name that I feel really proud of.”

She also said she was inspired by French philosopher Jacques Derrida, who famously called himself a “French prince.”

“When you go out with someone, you have to be willing to be beautiful and you have the power to change your appearance and the way you talk and you know how to dress yourself in your own way,” she told CNN.

“You know how you look at someone and what they think of you.”

She said she is now trying to live her dream of being a French prince.

“When I grow up, I want to look like someone that has the power of love,” she added.

“To make the world a better place.”