Girls’ Generation is in hot water for using a photo of a fat girl The girls’ group, who are known for their quirky, cute and sometimes risqué music, have used a photo from a young fat girl as part of a promo for their new album.

The photo, which was posted on their official Twitter account, showed a girl wearing a black T-shirt with the words “Fat Girl in a Swimsuit” in bold letters and a caption reading “A photo posted by the girls’ agency, the girls.”

It is unclear what the photo was used for.

“It’s not for us to use that photo,” the group said in a statement.

“We do not think it’s inappropriate.

We use the image in our promotional campaign for the album.

We did not make it, and the girls are not responsible for it.”

The group has also been in the news recently for an Instagram post which read “You want to buy a fat friend, you can buy a girl!” and a series of “f*** your fat” tweets, many of which have been deleted.

“Fat girl in a swimsuit” is a term that refers to a body size which is too small for women to fit in standard swimwear.

In 2017, a series called “Fat Girls” featured a picture of a woman who weighed less than 200 grams.

The song, which featured a voiceover by singer Bae Hyun Jung, has been a hit for the group, with millions of views.

“I hope you don’t see my face when I sing this song,” she said in the song.

“When I sing it, I am in the water with my fat friend.”

The Girls’ Group also recently issued a statement on the photo and said it did not endorse the use of a girl’s body in promotional material.

“This was not something we wanted to do.

We would not use any body in our promo,” they said.

“The image is part of our promotional campaigns and we do not endorse its use.

We are always mindful of the environment we are in and how we communicate our message to people.”

The band, who have sold over 30 million albums worldwide, have had to deal with criticism over their weight in recent years.

“If you want to eat a normal girl, then you have to be a normal person,” a member told Entertainment Weekly in 2017.

“You cannot be fat.

You cannot be skinny.

You can’t be overweight.

And it’s all a part of the world we live in.”

The singer is a member of a group called EXO.

“What I am saying is, if you want a normal body, then just have the same body, don’t have any special features,” Bae said at the time.

“Do whatever you want, eat whatever you like, and don’t be a fat person.

Don’t be ugly.

Do whatever you feel like.”

The video of the “fat girl in the swimsuit video” is one of the group’s most popular music videos.

“There’s no difference between us and the girl in that picture,” Bum announced in 2017 when asked if he thought it was appropriate to use a fat woman’s image.

“Because she is fat, it’s not right for us, it is not right in our culture.

So, that’s why I think that’s a good thing.”

The statement from Girls’ Agency reads: “We have to say that Girls’ agency has nothing to do with this promotional photo, nor did we agree to use it.

We’re very sorry about this mistake.”

The agency also said that the group has not released any other promotional videos in the past, and that they would not make any further statements on this matter.

“No matter what the girls say, we can’t and won’t be influenced by such images,” they added.

The group’s previous album, the group debut, was released in 2014.

The music video for “FatGirl in a Wok” was also one of Girls’ latest music videos to make the list of most downloaded videos on YouTube.

It was released on June 14, 2017 and had over 1.3 million views as of the time of writing.

The album is Girls’ first in 11 years.

In 2016, the album charted at number four on the Billboard 200, while in 2017, the band charted a respectable number one spot on the charts.

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