Hillary Clinton’s campaign says its still investigating an alt-left protester

Hillary Clinton has acknowledged the alt-right protester who was arrested for allegedly pushing a young black man off a train in Seattle has not been formally charged.

In a tweet Tuesday night, Clinton’s spokeswoman said the woman who was reportedly assaulted by a white supremacist has not yet been formally identified.

“She is currently being investigated by the campaign,” Clinton spokeswoman Anne Reynolds said.

The incident on the platform was captured by the video streaming service Vine and posted by Vox.

The woman, identified as Alyssa Torres, is said to have been a protester who had marched with Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, on Saturday.

Torres reportedly was approached by a group of white supremacists, including one who had shouted anti-immigrant slurs at Torres.

She is seen pushing the young black male off the train in the video.

The video ends with Torres shouting “We’re not going back to the ghetto!” to a man who then appears to point at her and then at her husband.

In the video, Torres is seen with her hands up and appears to be trying to fend off the attackers, but the man continues to push her and pushes her off the platform.

At one point, Torres appears to yell at the man who was pushing her.

At another point, she is seen crying, but does not appear to be crying as she walks off.

Clinton was on her way to speak to supporters in the Seattle suburb of West Seattle when the incident happened.

She was then interviewed on CNN about the incident and said she “did not want to comment on that incident.”

The Clinton campaign has not released the names of Torres or the man she was with, who was also charged with assaulting Torres.

Torres has not returned requests for comment.