‘Hoodies for Girls’ is a new, colourful, light skin girls’ collection

New Scientist has launched a new series of hoodies for women, aimed at “tough-skinned, confident young girls”. 

The hoodies feature a range of colours and designs, ranging from the classic black and white designs to bright neon colours and prints.

The hoodie is made with 100% recycled cotton and is a limited edition of just 50.

The range is made in collaboration with UK-based design company Hoodies for Girl, who are based in London.

The brand describes the collection as “a fun and stylish collection of women’s style that brings light and colour to every outfit and every occasion”.

Hoodys for Girls is a project run by the UK- based Design for Girls and UK-headquartered designers, who say the collection is aimed at the tough-skinned young women in society who are looking for a fun and playful way to represent themselves, and to help them feel confident in their skin.

The first hoodie in the collection features a stylised hoodie design, which is the same as the hoodie you see in the video above.

“We wanted to highlight women’s bold, fun and fashionable style that doesn’t fit in with the trend for too many of our generation,” said design director Charlotte Kowal, from Hoodies For Girl.

“In our opinion, we want to celebrate women who are comfortable in their own skin, and not be limited by the stereotypes that others put on us.”

It is a fashion trend that we have all seen and experienced in our own lives, so we decided to tackle it head-on.

“The collection features three different shades of the iconic black and orange hoodie: light blue, white and yellow.

It’s a soft, warm colour that looks great on warm days.”

There is nothing more fun and casual than wearing a hoodie and being proud of your skin, especially as we grow older and into our mid-twenties,” said head of sales and brand partnerships for Hoodies, Katja Söderberg.

The collection is available at select retailers, including the Lush, H&M and Forever 21 stores.

Hoods for Girls also has a store in New York, London, Paris and Amsterdam.