How to make a fake boobjob for your boyfriend

A lot of guys like to get their girlfriends to suck their dicks.

But some girls actually get their boyfriends to do it too.

We asked a bunch of girls for their tips on how to do this.


Don’t worry about the nipple.

There’s no way to know if you’re getting a fake nipple.

It’s only fake if your nipples are really big and there’s no blood coming out of them.

If you do get a real nipple, you should also avoid getting into the habit of doing it. 2.

Take your time.

This is a very sensitive topic and the only way to truly make sure you’re not getting a nipple is to not do anything.

It should be something that you’re comfortable doing in public.


Be mindful.

If your boyfriends cock is not really hard enough to make the nipple look fake, try not to be too nervous about it.

Just be aware that if he’s really hard, he may be trying to pull your nipples off.


Make sure you don’t get too close.

You’ll be more than happy to just get a close-up of your nipple if he gets close enough.


Don,t do this alone.

Don should not be a problem.

But if your boyfriend is doing this alone, then you may be in for a surprise.

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