How to make the perfect jumbo-sized Girl Scouts uniform

There are three key factors that go into making a jumbo size Girl Scout uniform: quality, style, and size.

First, it needs to be a jillion-dollar outfit.

“We wanted to make sure we were using as much high-end fabrics as we could afford, and we did that by making a bunch of really, really good-looking ones,” says Kate Heffernan, a production assistant on the show.

The clothes also have to be the right size.

“That is really important,” she says.

The girls will wear their clothes to a school event, and “they’ll have to wear the uniform at home and at school, too.”

They’ll have an extra set of legs to carry their stuff around the house, but not too much, because they’ll be able to carry around a bunch more clothes when they’re on the job.

“If we do get into a situation where we have to get dressed for a long time, and the clothes get too big, we have two options,” says Heffington.

“Either we can go to the tailor and get a really high-quality, low-cost pair of pants, or we can just do what we do now and just throw them on the ground.”

Sheffington says she also makes sure that the uniforms are made in a way that won’t cause the girls to sweat, and that they’re made with a fabric that won, in the end, last longer than the regular ones.

“There’s a lot of sewing that goes into making these things, so you want to make things that are very durable,” she explains.

The last thing is the size.

Heffeson says the goal is to create a uniform that fits a standard girl size, and then to create one that fits perfectly for a different size.

The show’s producers also make sure that all the costumes are made with the right material.

The “girls” costumes are handcrafted, but they’re not made out of expensive, high-cost materials like cotton.

Instead, they’re all hand-painted.

“It’s a really fun process,” says Kelly Hochschule, one of the producers of the show and the show’s executive producer.

“You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on anything.

You don’t need to go out and buy these things.

You just go in and do your own thing.

And the girls love it.”