How to Name Your Cat: An Advice Column

When it comes to naming your cat, it’s pretty simple: just make sure you name your cat cute and cute names, writes Entertainment Weekly’s Rachel Goldberg.

And in this column, Goldberg looks at some of the best ways to name your adorable cat, and what you can do to make it a happier, more confident, and successful cat.1.

Use your cat’s name and image to help your cat feel like a real part of your home2.

Get your cat in your living room for an evening with the rest of your family3.

Get a cute cat to do a quick test to help you spot your pet4.

Get some of your cats favorite toys and play sets and make them play in the living room5.

Have fun with your cat on a fun, creative, and challenging exercise you can share with the whole family6.

Take your cat out for a walk on your own property7.

Give your cat a bath and get him to soak up all of your favorite smells8.

Make sure your cat gets a bath in a different room from the others, and use a different bath towel9.

Make a new home with your cats favourite toys, treats, and items that are more relaxing10.

Get them in your house for the holidays11.

Share a video on Facebook and Twitter of your cat being a happy, playful cat in a cozy room12.

Keep the cat indoors with you to help get him used to the house13.

Make your cat even more comfortable by sharing some of his favorite treats14.

Have your cat walk on a treadmill or an elliptical15.

Have a cat’s favourite food for dinner16.

Give them treats for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion17.

Make an animal themed party for your cat to share with friends18.

Make something fun for your cats birthday party and share with your friends19.

Add a new pet to your home20.

Give cats a new name21.

Keep a list of all the names you can name your pet22.

Get the cats name in alphabetical order, or alphabetical alphabetical sequence23.

Create a cat video diary and share it with friends24.

Create your own cat video game with your family and friends25.

Create and share your own cats video diary with your friend.26.

Have cats meet you outside of your house to play outside together, or even have a little fun in your own backyard27.

Make friends with your neighbours cats28.

Make fun and interactive games with your pets with a game board, toy, and treats29.

Add cute cat toys to your cat room, or make a game for your own dog30.

Create fun activities for your pets to do together31.

Give cat treats to your neighbours dog or cat to give to their friends.32.

Make cat videos for your friends to watch together.33.

Make the cat play with the toys you have with you and your neighbours.34.

Give friends your cat as a gift for their birthday, or when they are older than you.35.

Share pictures and videos of your pet’s new friends, or new pets you have!36.

Create activities for pets to participate in together37.

Have pet owners bring their pets to your house or home38.

Have friends bring their cats to your neighbourhood to help keep their cat entertained.39.

Add your cat at a pet park for fun40.

Share your cat with other people in your neighbourhood for a fun pet parade.41.

Have pets with you at the park and in your backyard to play together.42.

Add cats to a list or group to find out where other cats are and where your cats are.43.

Give the cat a name, photo, or description to be added to your favourite pet websites, blogs, and social networks.44.

Add photos of your friends pet, or share their pet photo with your children and friends.45.

Have them name their cat, or you can create a custom name.46.

Have an active cat who enjoys being in your home47.

Have the cat walk with you, with your own children, or to you.48.

Share with your pet what it feels like to be inside your cat and your own house.49.

Have guests come over to your place and share some fun with the cats and dogs.50.

Have all of the friends from your home come over and watch your cat play together51.

Have one of your pets join you at a birthday party, or get to know the other pets in your group.52.

Have cat play time in your garden or yard53.

Have someone play with your kitten or puppy54.

Have children share a fun adventure together, and have them name the cat, like the cat they have in their house.55.

Create games for your kids to play with, like a cat-and-mouse game, or a cat and a ball game.56.

Have kids play together on a beach or