How to watch the 2018 California election: Watchdog group says it’ll sue to stop election results

California voters are being asked to take a deep breath and think about whether they are actually ready for a presidential election that could have profound ramifications for their lives and the future of the state.

In a letter to voters sent Thursday, the California Secretary of State’s Office announced it is preparing to file a lawsuit against the state’s two major political parties seeking to halt the state from casting a ballot in November 2018.

The letter comes after a number of lawsuits challenging the 2018 election results in the state have been filed by independent groups, including one filed on behalf of the family of a California state trooper who was killed in the line of duty in 2016.

The California Secretary has also called on all voters to be vigilant and prepare to participate in the ballot recount process if necessary.

The ballot recount, the letter said, is the only way to ensure a fair and impartial election and protect the integrity of the election.

The legal challenge is the latest attempt to stop the ballot count.

In December 2018, the State Board of Equalization ordered that the California Supreme Court rule on the state Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate the ballot counts.

California’s election law was created in 2012 when the state Legislature created a nonpartisan election board to oversee elections and to oversee election results, and it has been subject to intense scrutiny over the years.

The courts have held that the law is designed to provide nonpartisan supervision over elections, but the California Board of Elections and the Secretary of the State have argued that the rules have been violated.

In 2018, several California voters filed a class action lawsuit seeking to stop an election commission’s decision in the 2018 state Senate election to not certify the results of that election.

The letter comes as the state of California, a major election battleground state, is being watched closely as part of the presidential election.

Trump’s victory in the November presidential election is a setback for Democrats, who control both chambers of the legislature and the governor’s office.

The Trump administration has taken a hard line on issues like voting rights and sanctuary cities, and California’s attorney general is investigating allegations that voter fraud has occurred during the state election.

In addition, Republican Attorney General Xavier Becerra has called for a state audit of the 2020 California Democratic primary, which he said was rigged against Trump, and has called on the states secretary of state to launch an investigation into the state party’s alleged role in helping Democrats win the California primary.

The state party denied that any voter fraud took place.

A spokesperson for Beceras office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.