How ‘Twilight’ inspired a ‘Twice Upon A Time’ reboot

The “Twilight” reboot, which will reunite the Twilight characters with their “Twice” alter egos, will not be coming to the big screen anytime soon.

In fact, the studio has been coy about what will be in the works for the reboot, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, it sounds like “Twin Peaks” is the star of the reboot.

It’s not entirely clear why “Twitchy” star Ed Helms is in the running for the role of the Twilight villain (though it’s possible he could be one of the stars).

But if Helms does win the part, the “Twins” reboot could have the same quality of production and story that fans are looking for.

“Twim” is set to be released in theaters in 2021.

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