‘Sassy girl’ has ‘sassy’ feet

I’m no fan of ‘sass’ in a book, but I am not surprised that this little girl’s book covers a whole bunch of topics, like a little girl who loves her feet and her toes.

The book is called Sassy Girl, and it is called a book.

Sassy Girl is a children’s book that comes out on June 1st.

In it, the character named Anna is a shy and shy little girl with the kind of eyes and hair that only children have.

She loves her toes and her feet.

So the publisher of the book, a publisher called HarperCollins, decided to put Anna in a footy shirt, so she can wear them at school and at home.

It turns out Anna is not only a footie fan but also a little footy nerd.

Anna loves footy.

She’s also a fan of being in the stands and being able to see all her favourite players.

So she picked out this little book, and she’s going to be wearing it everywhere she goes.

Anna’s mom is also a footsie fan.

Anna and her mom are a fan and they love being in front of a big screen and seeing the likes of James Milne and Jarryd Hayne.

And she is also into being in her own special way.

She’s also into having a little bit of fun.

She likes to be naughty and she loves to be the best.

Anna loves being in charge.

She also loves going to her own house.

She is a fan.

Somewhere between being a little little girl and a little boy, Anna and her mother have developed a crush on a girl named Chloe, and Chloe is also Anna’s step-mom.

So Anna has developed a whole new set of rules for Chloe.

One rule is she can’t go to the toilet without a friend there.

And another rule is that Chloe can’t talk about Anna’s footy skills.

So this little sister can’t just talk about her footy stuff and say, ‘Anna loves her footies’ and not be able to be heard by her mom.

Anna is also learning to control her body weight.

She has also learned how to be a good footsie girl, she’s learned how much weight she can take.

And then she’s learning how to take care of her foot, and how to get her own food.

And Anna has a new boyfriend, she loves being with him and he loves being a footies fan.

And he’s also been playing footies all day.

And Anna’s mum is a big footies supporter.

And Chloe loves being around her sister Anna, she says, ‘I like her too.’

SassyGirl, by HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster.

It’s out on July 11th.