The best and worst of Girls underwear

The best is Girls underwear.

The worst?

Girls underwear is kind of like a really bad joke.

We like to joke about the kind of stuff that we’re into, but Girls underwear’s kind of gross and awful.

Like, I don’t even know what a joke is, but the underwear on the front of Girls is just awful.

I think it’s a really big waste of money.

It’s just a piece of crap.

And then there’s the front.

Like all the front covers, there’s a giant black and white picture of a woman, and she’s wearing the underwear.

She’s got her arm around her boyfriend, and there’s some kind of penis on her face.

The whole thing just feels a little bit like an ad for something.

It feels like it could be a joke.

It makes no sense.

And this is why the underwear isn’t the worst thing about Girls underwear, because it’s not gross.

The girls’ underwear is really not that bad, even if it’s made of something disgusting.

But it’s still not the worst.