The best anime names for girls, boys and adults

From anime girls names to anime boy names, Next Big Futures presents its annual list of the best anime girl name choices for girls and boys.

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Here are the 10 most popular anime girl/boy names for anime fans, according to Next Big Trend’s poll.


Yuna – Japanese: グラノ・ウェルマーション – Japanese for “lady of the night” or “lover of the moon” 2.

Hinata – Japanese/English: シユン・クレッピー – Literally meaning “lioness of the sky” or, “sir of the skies” 3.

Rin – Japanese and English: 黒温子 – A type of fairy godmother 4.

Izuku – Japanese & English: インクシボク – A kind of fairy or witch 5.

Sakura – Japanese, English: 強神星 – A female deity of death and destruction 6.

Sakura-chan – Japanese&English: チョナー – A male deity of destruction 7.

Shizuku – English & Japanese: 戦獄の巫女 – A goddess of war 8.

Sakura (Neko) – English: 火性女 -A type of female goddess of fire 9.

Shino – Japanese. English: ピカスクス – A fairy godlike figure 10.

Yuki – Japanese source Next BIG Future title 10 best anime name choices, based on the Next Big Ideas poll, 2017 article Next BigFuture’s poll is designed to help people find the best name for each age, gender and ethnicity.

In 2017, the poll was extended to include boys & girls and women.

The poll is a ranking of the most popular name choices by gender, age group and ethnicity for the Japanese, Japanese-English, and English-Japanese languages.

In this year’s poll, the top 5 most popular names for boys &girls and for all ages are based on Next BigTrend’s survey.

These are the top 10 best boy names for boy & girls: