What is Valley Girl?

The Valley Girl is a video series by a young Australian girl who is about to embark on her first ever trip to Dubai.

The video series is a way for young girls to showcase their talents and get more exposure to the beauty and glamour of the Middle East and beyond.

The Valley Girl started on YouTube in February, with the goal of raising awareness of the region and the potential of young girls in the UAE.

The series has gained more than 6 million views in the last three months, with fans sharing their videos with the hashtag #valleygirl, where the word Valley is also used to describe the region.

The Valley Girls have been featured in a number of media outlets, including The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, and have received more than 1.8 million followers on Twitter.

“We were trying to get girls out of the house and do things that were really exciting,” Valley Girl star and creator of the series, Katie Stemple, told The Next World.

“There’s a lot of things girls in Australia do which are not as glamorous or glamorous as what girls in Dubai do, so we wanted to bring a bit more of that glamour to girls here in Australia.”

“We wanted to showcase that a girl can do something very cool and it’s just an adventure, so you can really see the power of the internet in the way that it’s changing the world.”

She added that the Valley Girls are not only using social media to spread the message of beauty and empowerment, but they are also creating their own brand of empowerment.

“When we first started filming, we were like, ‘Oh, we’ve got to start a brand and we’re going to use this platform to tell girls what they can do,’ so we got a bunch of brands to sign up,” Stemples said.

“And we just wanted to show that we’re not just talking about girls in our homes, we’re talking about everyone, every girl in the world.”

They’re not only going to be in our house, they’re going on trips, they’ll be making their own films, they’ve got their own talent and they’re not going to stay in the same place forever.

“The ValleyGirl is set to run for five years, with episodes airing on ABC1 and YouTube, but it will be a gradual transformation into a full-fledged franchise.

Stemples believes the Valley Girl will be something that girls can look forward to for years to come.”

The Valley is a very beautiful place, so I think girls in other countries are going to recognise this beautiful city and they can feel like they have this kind of confidence and that this is what they’re capable of, but the Valley has so much more to offer and it is going to take time for us to really get to where we want to be,” she said.

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We’re really excited about the idea of Valley Girl and our new project because we’re also going to promote it on our own channel on Facebook and we want girls to be aware that this can happen here in the Middle Kingdom,” Stempples said in a statement.

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