What’s it like to be a girl in the media?

As part of a new project, Politico is launching a project to look at how girls are portrayed in the news.

The project, Girls in the Media: A Critical Look at Girls in Media, is designed to help viewers better understand the role girls are playing in the stories they watch.

The goal of the project is to create a comprehensive and accessible online resource that provides a clear, objective look at the media’s representation of girls in the United States and beyond.

The aim of the first project is twofold: to give viewers a better understanding of the issues and struggles of girls and girls in general in the world, and to help the media better reflect and understand the experiences of girls of color and other marginalized communities.

The second project is the foundation for a new, more comprehensive, and comprehensive examination of the media, specifically focusing on gender and race, including a comprehensive look at all media from the perspective of people of color.

This is the second in a series of three major research projects.

The first one, Girls as Represented in the News: A critical look at girls in media, was launched in 2015.

It was designed to offer a deeper understanding of how and why girls in pop culture are seen in the same way as boys.

This second project will look at whether girls in mainstream media are depicted in the way that boys and men are.

In order to do that, we need to examine how girls in our society are represented in the entertainment industry and in the press.

And it’s important to understand the reasons that people in mainstream and pop culture find themselves in a similar position.

We also need to understand why girls are seen differently in the mainstream media and how that can impact their stories.

To do this, we will look more deeply at the ways that gender is depicted and the ways in which women of color are seen and the way in which girls and other underrepresented groups are portrayed.

In addition to examining how media portrays girls and women, we are also examining how people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are represented.

We will look closely at the way media is written and produced, what types of stories are produced, and what kinds of stories people read.

We are also looking at how the media industry deals with these issues and how they can be addressed.

The focus of Girls in