What’s the difference between girls stripping and girls wearing underwear?

A couple of months ago, a guy on Twitter suggested that the difference was simple.

He explained that a girl wearing panties is the equivalent of a girl in the gym or an NFL player.

He was making the case that it’s actually okay for a girl to get a little bit of exercise without having to get naked.

He added, though, that women should not be allowed to strip naked.

As an argument that he said he’s “been repeating a lot lately,” he added: “It’s time to make it clear that the term ‘bikini’ is actually a euphemism for female genitalia.

The term ‘females’ is a synonym for vagina.

It’s a very bad word.” 

The comment sparked an outcry and led to a backlash on Twitter, with users calling him sexist, ignorant, and a bigot.

But a lot of other commenters agreed with him.

“If you think you are the first to use the word ‘bimbo’ in your blog or your Twitter bio, you are sorely mistaken,” one wrote.

One commenter, who goes by the handle “jk”, said, “Bimbo is a pejorative word.

We are all bimbo-ish.

There is nothing wrong with being a bit of a brat.”

Others pointed out that the word doesn’t even exist in English.

When asked if he believed he was a misogynist, he said, “No.

I don’t think that is a valid criticism.

There are so many examples of people who are men who are not misogynists, and who are actually quite brave.”