When a man’s life becomes the biggest test of his masculinity

By now, you have probably seen it all: a man getting arrested, accused of rape, sentenced to jail, and now facing the prospect of a lifetime behind bars.

But what if there’s a twist to this story?

What if it’s not just a man who has to deal with this particular trial, but a woman?

And what if this woman is in a position of power and influence over him, as a judge, jury, or judge herself?

For years, women have been battling to keep their jobs, while men have been able to keep them in their jobs.

But now, in a new documentary by Al Jazeera America, we learn that this is not an isolated case, as many women are also struggling to keep the gender gap in the workplace closed.

The documentary also looks at how we can ensure that all women are able to rise to positions of power, whether they are at the top of the corporate ladder, in politics or the judiciary.

Al Jazeera’s documentary “The Struggle for Women’s Justice: The Trials of the ‘War on Women’,” is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Watch the trailer below.