Which girl is your favourite, Black or Black Panther?

The Black Panther franchise is one of the most successful superhero films in history, with the franchise being in cinemas across the world for more than 20 years now.

But what about the character’s costume?

Black Panther’s costume has been in the spotlight since 2015 when the film was released.

The character’s attire in the film features a black bodysuit with a black mask over his face, with a long black cloak that covers his body.

Fans have argued the character is wearing blackface, or wearing the mask of an Asian character in a non-Western context.

There’s even a petition asking the film’s producers to remove the costume altogether.

But there’s no way to know which Black Panther costume is the best.

Some argue it’s blackface because it’s a reference to the character being an African American in a world where he is a member of the black community.

Others say it’s Black Panther because of the movie’s racial politics.

What is the most popular Black Panther Costume?

Black Panther has become a beloved character, but what about its costume?