Which girls are cute black girl?

By Kaitlyn Fonseca-Laguna and Marisa HirschmanJanuary 21, 2019 10:03:27The Black Girl Who Can Run In The Dark is one of my favorite movies, and for a lot of us, it’s still one of the best of the last few years. 

Its’ been a long time since we’ve seen a black girl in a movie that’s a true representation of our community, one that isn’t just about a young white woman being the victim of a racist act. 

I know that a lot people who’ve seen this movie, and I’m sure a lot who haven’t, are thinking about how it represents the struggles of black people. 

So how can you tell when a movie is truly making a statement about the world, and how it’s able to make a connection between the experiences of black girls and the world? 

That’s what I wanted to do with this series, and in this post, I wanted you to find out. 

(And if you have a question you’d like me to answer, I’m here to help.) 

I’ve put together a list of the 13 most important black girl quotes and how they apply to us, and then listed them in order of importance. 

If you have questions about anything in this series or anything else I’ve written, feel free to reach out.

So without further ado, here are the 13 black girl moments from The Black Girl who Can Run in the Dark. 

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